Athletic Achievements by Jordan and Phelps


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The 1986-87 NBA season was full of success for Michael Jordan who was at the time playing for the Chicago Bulls. Not only did he score a career-high of 37.1 points per game, but according to , Jordan became the first basketball player to surpass 3,000 points in a season. During November and December of the same season, he managed to increase his scoring average to 40 points in nine consecutive games. In addition, Jordan won the Slam Dunk Championship and was named to the All-NBA First Team.
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Legal Marijuana and its Effects on Beer Sales


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The state of California ranks first in the nation with the most craft breweries. According to the Brewers Association, there are 1.9 breweries per capita. The economic impact in the state also ranked first in the nation with a total of $ 6.9 billion. Surprisingly, the impact per capita estimated to be $251.89, ranking 23rd in the nation. California ranks 2nd in production with 3.8 million barrels of craft beer produced per year.
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Attendance Increases in Support of LGBTQ Festivities in Chicago


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Since the commencement of the annual gay pride march in 1970, the gay community in Chicago became more prominent. According to Chicago Pride, the following years brought upon more festive and less political feel to the marches. Further on, the popularity of the Chicago Pride Parade continued to expand as well as the routes walked by the participants.                                                                                                                               The march in 1981 took on the longest route to date, where the participants commenced the walk on Halstead and Addison and ended in the Lincoln Park Free Forum. The routes and prominence of the festivity are not the only factors that have expanded over the years, as the graphic shows, the attendance has increased as well.

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Google Trends: iPhone vs. Android and Popular TV Series


Searches for Shameless vs. Game of Thrones
Television series have become a popular form of entertainment. There is a wide variety of options provided to the viewer therefore trying to choose a show to watch can become overwhelming. I searched two highly talked about shows, Game of Thrones and Shameless, and compared their search popularity on Google during the past 90 days in the United States.

Initially, the graphic depicts a higher number of searches for Game of Thrones. As time passes, Shameless seems to be close to a tie but returns to its spot as the runner up. Finally, on Nov. 7, 2016, Shameless briefly surpasses Game of Thrones for a day. From Nov. 8 through the 9th of 2016, the searches for Shameless drastically drop placing Game of Thrones in the lead once again. Shameless continued as the runner up with brief one day periods of being in the lead followed by drastic decrease in searches. This pattern continues until Jan. 15 to the 17th of 2016 where Shameless manages to keep its spot on the lead.

The map shows the search popularity in each state. Sixteen out of the 50 states have a greater interest in searching for Shameless. This is an interesting observation because considering that Shameless surpasses Game of Thrones in only 16 states, it has managed to have brief periods in the lead and is currently maintaining its lead position in comparison to Game of Thrones which is popular in more than half of the states

iPhone vs. Android

The never ending feud over the quality of differing operating systems has been prevalent since the emergence of the Smartphone. Consumers review their options and decide which operating system is best for them. I did searches on iPhone and Android for the past five years in the United States. The graphic depicts the difference in popularity between the iPhone and Android smartphones.

The graphic shows the searches pertaining to each phone. We can see that the iPhone has kept a steady lead in regard to the most searched term on Google in comparison to Android smartphones. Over the last five years, the iPhone has received a greater number of searches on Google, however we can see that from September 4th through the 10th of 2016 the unevenness increased, still in favor to the iPhone. We can assume that the searches for the iPhone increased during this period of time because it was a week prior to Apple’s newest product release date. The iPhone 7 was released on Sep. 16, 2016.

The map shows the search popularity of the iPhone and Android smartphones in each state. Unsurprisingly, the iPhone has been of more interest in all but two states, Kansas and Oregon, where Android smartphones seem to have higher popularity.