What it Takes to be a Homeowner

California offers great weather year round, scenery along the pacific coast, and for the tech enthusiasts: Silicon Valley. Its no wonder why so many people consider relocating to the area.However, the cost of living in California is not as appealing as the idea, unless of course you can afford it.

According to Business Insider the median rent in San Francisco is more than $1463 per month. ABC News reported a rise in the cost of living in San Diego, placing it as the second most expensive city right behind San Francisco.In regards to housing development, the demand is currently higher than the supply in both cities causing the prices to ascend.

On the other hand, the most affordable city is Pittsburgh . According to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazzete, the reason behind the affordability is due to the median household income being $50,489 while the median home price is $137,000. The median home price is significantly lower than the median home price at a national level being $203,500.

The second most affordable city is St. Louis  requiring a minimum salary of $38,131. According to New Geography,  the cost of living in this city is 23% less than in San Diego. While the prices in metro areas across the nation have been rising for the past years, St. Louis has succeeded in maintaining the usual home prices.


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